LTIB 4.0.0 images

Published on June 18, 2013

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We just uploaded a couple of images of the 4.0.0. release of kernel and LTIB from Freescale that include our latest kernel.

There are two images:

  • ltib4-with-x-20130618.tar.gz - This image was built with the FSL gnome release package configuration, which includes X-Windows, gstreamer-acceleration, and GPU acceleration.
  • ltib4-no-x-20130618.tar.gz - This image was built with gstreamer-acceleration and GPU acceleration, but without X-Windows.
The precise LTIB configuration is included in each image in the file ltib-4.0.0-config.tar.gz.

Each of the images can be extracted to a single-partition SD card formatted as ext2/3/4 like so (assuming that your SD card shows up as /dev/sdc): ~/$ echo ',,83,*' | sudo sfdisk /dev/sdc ~/$ sudo mkfs.ext3 -L ltib /dev/sdc1 ~/$ udisks --mount /dev/sdc1 ~/$ sudo tar zxvf ltib4-with-x-20130618.tar.gz -C /media/ltib/ ~/$ sync && sudo umount /media/ltib Each of these was built using the mx6qsabrelite configuration in LTIB, but the kernels were replaced and boot scripts added by overlaying the build output with this tarball, which is a recent build from our boundary-imx_3.0.35_4.0.0 kernel branch.

To test the gstreamer acceleration in each image, we used the gplay command-line player and placed a video fw.flv into the /root directory.
root@boundary:~/$ gplay fw.flv To test the GPU acceleration, we exercised a number of the Vivante tutorials:
root@boundary:/opt/viv_samples/vdk/$ ./tutorial3_es20 -f 1000 Both images are configured with a single user: root (password "Boundary"), and are configured for DHCP on the ethernet port and to automatically start an SSH server.

Wi-Fi is configured in the kernel, and the firmware files for the TiWi device are present in the filesystems, so you can perform a first-pass test like so: root@boundary:~/$ ifconfig wlan0 up root@boundary:~/$ iwlist wlan0 scan iwlist wlan0 scan wlan0 Scan completed : Cell 01 - Address: E0:91:F5:CA:DE:FE Channel:6 Frequency:2.437 GHz (Channel 6) Quality=45/70 Signal level=-65 dBm Encryption key:on ESSID:"mySSID" ... There are a bunch of new features in this release, including support for the Wayland X replacement, but we haven't tested those. Our intent is to provide working images to test the kernel.