New i.MX6 System on Module released - Nit6X_SOM_V2

Published on January 18, 2016

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Boundary Devices introduces the next generation of the Nitrogen6X-SOM – the Nit6X_SOM_V2. The Nit6X_SOM_V2 is fully compatible with the previous Nitrogen6X-SOM, but with some notable improvements. As with the previous version, the Nit6X_SOM_V2 is a low cost, highly integrated System-on-Module based on the Freescale i.MX6 Single/Dual/Quad-Core CPU.  The SOM is ideal for customers looking for rapid product development while maintaining the flexibility of a custom design.  For the V2 SOM, there were some notable improvements:

  • 4GB eMMC
  • 2nd LVDS Channel
  • Modified power supply architecture to support i.MX6 Quad PLUS processor
  • Modified DDR3 layout to support up to 4GB DDR3

Click here for more information on Nit6X_SOM_V2 including schematics

  The Nit6X_SOM_V2 has 10 year guaranteed availability and industrial temperature versions including conformal coating options.  The Nit6X_SOM_V2 can be built with Single, Dual Lite, Dual, Quad, and Quad PLUS Processors as well as from 512MB DDR3 up to 4GB. Contact us for more information.

Design your own carrier board or contact us for a custom carrier board quote. If designing your own carrier board, send us your schematics and layout for a no cost, high level review.

The Nit6X_SOM_V2 has an updated uboot which is not compatible with the previous version of the SOM (due to the additional of on-board eMMC, among other changes).  The new SOM will also require a modified DTB.  Contact us for specific questions.