Nit6_SoloX - Freescale i.MX6 SoloX based Single Board Computer

Published on May 28, 2015

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Boundary Devices announces the availability of the new Nit6_SoloX - a Single Board Computer based on the Freescale i.MX6 SoloX processor.  The i.MX6 SoloX is a multi-purpose processor based on the very popular i.MX6 family.  The i.MX6 SoloX features an ARM Cortex-M4 core which provides additional versatility to the i.MX6 family.  The i.MX6 SoloX is a variant of the i.MX6 Solo, but it is not pin-compatible with the standard i.MX6 offerings.  The Nit6_SoloX was designed to take advantage of the main features of the SoloX processor:  Dual Gigabit Ethernet, integrated NTSC camera, Dual CAN Bus and additional peripherals.  The Nit6_SoloX has on-board eMMC, LVDS display support, and a variety of connectivity options.  The board is available in industrial as well as commercial temperature variants.   Boundary Devices has also designed a daughter board that contains WiFi+BT, HDMI, camera, as well as a variety of I/O interfaces such as I2C and SPI.  Details of the daughter board will be available soon.  Contact us for more information:

List of specifications:

  • i.MX 6 SoloX ARM Cortex-A9/ARM Cortex-M4(Cortex-A9 @ 1GHZ, Cortex-M4 @200MHZ)
  • 1GBytes of 32-bit wide DDR3 @ 532MHz
  • 2MB Serial Flash
  • 4GB eMMC (expandable up to 64GB)
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet with Atheros AR8035
  • LVDS 
  • 1 microSD card 
  • RTC with battery backup
  • PCIE + SIM Card Reader
  • Analog Audio (Headphone + MIC IN)
  • 2W Stereo Amplified 2-Channel Speaker Output
  • 10-pin JTAG interface
  • USB Double Stack Host + 1 USB OTG
  • UART Interface
  • Dual CAN Bus
  • WiFI+BT (via Daughter board)
  • SPI + UART + I2C + GPIO (via Daughter board)
  • Analog Camera Input (via Daughter board)
  • RGB (via Daughter board)
  • ADC (via Daughter board)
  • Supports Ubuntu Linux
  • Industrial Temperature Versions Available
  • Custom Versions Available
i.MX6 SBC single board computer i.MX6 SBC single board computer