QNX on i.MX6 (Sabre Lite and Nitrogen6X)

Published on June 16, 2012

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This video shows a short demonstration of QNX RTOS running on the Nitrogen6X-SOM, an i.MX6-based System-on-module.

I suspect that the QNX demo at FTF will be much better, but I'm really impressed with the demo they provided for use in our booth.

QNX on i.MX6 highlights include

  • A very nice portfolio of animated Qt widgets
  • Storyboard Suite mockups of a dashboard and medical device from Crank Software that showcase the GPU performance of the i.MX6.
  • 5-second boot time, even when loaded indirectly from U-Boot!

The team at QNX has been doing some amazing work, especially in the automotive space. If you're attending FTF, be sure to check out the QNX CAR™ demonstration in the Jeep Wrangler.