Qt4 Demo Image

Published on June 20, 2013

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Get it

We've created a qt4 demo image using Yocto to build the root filesystem. Grab the the file:

Extract it to an SD card and you're good to go.


  • There is no hardware acceleration or OpenGL/ES libraries installed.
  • The root user has no password.

Build Process

The process is basically the one from this excellest post except that we don't build fsl-image-gui and we copy over our 4.0.0 kernel+modules after it's built. The bitbake commmand is: $ bitbake qt4e-demo-image The build will take several hours from scratch. Once it's done, extract build/tmp/deploy/images/qt4e-demo-image-nitrogen6x.tar.bz2 to an SD card. Then follow the process described in this post. In this case all you need to copy from that tar file is the kernel and the kernel modules. This image already has the WiFi firmware and you should already have working U-Boot and U-Boot scripts.