Ubuntu Trusty for i.MX6 boards - February 2016 (kernel 3.14.28)

Published on February 14, 2016

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Ubuntu Trusty 3.14.28 LXDE

This is a maintenance release of our last Ubuntu Trusty. Not much new content, but some minor fixes and changes, the only new package is the gstreamer-imx. We added a console image also, it was missing in the last Ubuntu. These systems contain Freescale-licensed content, so you will need to register on our web-site and log in before you can accept the license agreement and download the imagea from here:

Update#1 :

For more information, please check the latest Trusty post :

Ubuntu Trusty for i.MX6 boards - December 2015 (kernel 3.14.28)

Most probably this is our last Trusty Tahr system, because the new LTS release is coming in April : Xenial Xerus.  Of course the Trusty won't be abandoned neither, it will be supported until 2019 .

Programming the image

The image is a slightly-less-than-4GiB image file containing the partition table, so you can copy it to an SD card or SATA drive on /dev/sdc using zcat and dd like so:

~/Downloads$ sudo umount /dev/sdc* ~/Downloads$ zcat 20160213-nitrogen*.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdc bs=1M ~/Downloads$ sync

Or you can use Alex Page's USB Image Tool under Windows.

Important !

Before installing this image please check your U-Boot version. The 3.14.28 kernel requires U-Boot version 2015.07 or higher. With this U-Boot you can use the new USB Mass Storage Gadget to program the eMMC.

The gstreamer-imx package (0.12.0)

This is the only new part of the system. This new package gives you many new options to create your gstreamer1.0 pipeline, with bunch of new plugins :

      • elements of imxaudio  : imxuniaudiodec, imxmp3audioenc
      • element of imxv4l2video : imxv4l2videosrc
      • elements of imxvpu : imxvpudec, imxvpuenc_mjpeg; imxvpuenc_mpeg4; imxvpuenc_h264; imxvpuenc_h263
      • elements of imxg2d : imxg2dvideosink, imxg2dvideotransform, imxg2dcompositor
      • elements of imxpxp : imxpxpvideosink, imxpxpvideotransform
      • element of imxeglvivsink : imxeglvivsink
      • elements of imxipu : imxipuvideosink, imxipuvideotransform, imxipucompositor

Please check these links for further information about gstreamer-imx plugins package :