Can I load a smartBASIC application to the BL654 451-00004 dongle?

The 451-00004 is the Nordic/Zephry variant of the BL654 Dongle It was intended for developers who prefer working with Nordic SDK or Zephyr Project, or those who may already have an application developed on one of these platforms.

It is does not support the smartBASIC firmware and therefore smartBASIC applications cannot be loaded to it. Please reference the following documents available from the BL654 Product Page /wireless-modules/bluetooth-modules/bluetoo… for additional information about getting started with 451-00004 BL654 Dongle.

Product Brief - BL654 USB for Nordic SDK / Zephyr
Quick Start Guide - BL654 USB for Nordic SDK / Zephyr

Both Nordic and Zephyr provide their own library of sample applications and assistance with software development when electing to work with either of these platforms.

Zephyr Project:

The 451-00003 is the smartBASIC variant of the BL654 Dongle which comes preloaded with smartBASIC firmware and can be programmed with smartBASIC applications. This variant of the dongle only supports loading applications developed using our smartBASIC firmware. We recommend referencing:

The Getting Started with the BL654 Dongle (smartBASIC variant) Application Note
User Guide - BL654 USB with smartBasic
Loading and Running Applications with UwTerminalX - BL654 v1.1