How can I bring up a softAP on the IG60/SOM60 automatically while simultaneously being connected as a station to a router?

It is possible to bring up an AP on the IG60/SOM60 with network manager. If the connection is marked as "autoconnect" it will come up even after reboot. Property: connection.autoconnect: yes

However in so called APSTA mode (simultaneous station / AP operation) each connection (station and AP) need to have their own interface.

The standard interface is wlan0. For the AP it is necessary to define a secon interface, for example ap0:

iw phy0 interface add ap0 type __ap

This setting however is not persistent, hence it needs to be definded upon every reboot of the IG60/SOM60.

This could be achieved by adding above line to a script in /etc/profile.d. For example:

cat /etc/profile.d/

iw phy0 interface add ap0 type __ap

With this script being present the interface ap0 will be avaiable after each reboot.