Sentrius™ MG100 Gateway with LTE-M/NB-IoT and Bluetooth 5
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Sentrius MG100 Micro Gateway, LTE-M & NB1 Modem, BLE, External Antenna, MVNO SIM


Antenna Type
Chipset (Wireless)
Sierra Wireless HL7800, Nordic nRF52840
Frequency Range (Max)
2483 MHz
Frequency Range (Min)
2400 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Max)
2170 MHz
Frequency Range 2 (Min)
703 MHz
Logical Interfaces
USB, Micro SD
nRF Connect SDK / Zephyr RTOS
Power Supply
External Power
Product Type
IoT Gateway
SIM Type
Not Included
System Architecture
LTE-M, NB-IoT, Bluetooth 5.0, Single Mode (BLE)

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How to automate MG100 Canvas Gateway Firmware configuration?

There is a way to configure the MG100 Canvas Gateway Firmware in series via an executable script, this process is covered into the following link section “Executable scripts”, please have a look and let me know if it helps :  Gateway Firmware User Guide | Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) - GitHub Documentation (

Can I leverage the Canvas Gateway/Sensor firmware even if I won't use any Device Management features?

Canvas Gateway&Sensor firmware is a mature and fully supported platform by Ezurio. Even if you don't intend to use any Device Management features, we would suggest to use the Canvas Firmware as the starting point of your development as it contains few telemetry capabilities (MQTT and BLE Ads) allowing easy deployment and management of compatible wireless sensor networks with a few simple configuration steps. Products compatible with Canvas Firmware are BT610, Pinnacle 100 and MG100. 

If I'm developing my application from the Canvas Gateway Firmware on the Pinnacle/MG100, can I disable Device Management LwM2M connection and features if I'm not using them?

Canvas Firmware natively uses two distinct protocols for operation :

- MQTT for telemetry data

- LwM2M for Device Management services

Since Canvas Gateway Firmware v1.2.0 it is indeed possible to disable all Device Management LwM2M operations if you don't use them as part of your IoT application.

How can you clean the Zephyr build?

If you would like to clean your Zephyr build use the "-p" switch for pristine, or when all else fails delete the build directory.  

How do I launch menuconfig for Zephyr?

If you would like to launch "menuconfig" for your Zephyr build, add "-t menuconfig" to the end of your build command.  

For example:

west build -p -b mg100 -d ble_gateway_dm_firmware/build/mg100 ble_gateway_dm_firmware -- -DAPP_TYPE=mqtt -t menuconfig

For more information:

Interactive Kconfig interfaces — Zephyr Project Documentation