BL600 iOS App

Published on April 25, 2013

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BL600 iOS App


The Module


Laird’s BL600 modules boast single-mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and use Laird’s innovative, event-driven smartBASIC programming language which significantly simplifies BLE module integration. The modules provide exceptionally low power consumption with a compact footprint and outstanding wireless range.

Laird’s smartBASIC language enables standalone operation of the module whereby sensors can be attached via any of the interfaces without the need for an external processor. A simple smartBASIC application encapsulates the complete end-to-end process of reading, writing, and processing of sensor data and then using BLE to transfer it to any Bluetooth v4.0 device – smartphone, tablet, gateway, or computer. Ultimately smartBASIC accelerates initial development, creation of prototypes, and mass production by providing you with your own BLE expert within the module. For more information about the BL600 module, click here.



The App


For Apple iOS devices, Laird provides a sample app that contains some of the applications that can be made for Bluetooth Smart devices built around the BL600 module series. The sample iOS app includes support for three peripherals that are available on the BL600 development kit: a heart rate monitor, a proximity sensor, and a temperature sensor.  This iOS app is fully compatible with other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices which utilize these profiles.