BL600 smartBASIC Profiles in Action

Published on May 7, 2013

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BL600 smartBASIC Profiles in Action

In April, Laird Technologies announced a new line of Bluetooth Smart™ modules, the BL600 series. For more information on the debut of the BL600 series, read here. A Bluetooth Smart module is a single-mode Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) module.

Video demonstration showcasing the Laird BL600 Profile-Temperature

Now, Laird has released several full-length demonstration videos showcasing the new BL600 smartBASIC profiles: Blood Pressure, Proximity, Heart Rate, and Temperature. These BL600 profile demonstrations can be found here. In addition, Laird has also released a video providing a quick summary of the contents found within the development kit of the BL600, which can be viewed here.

smartBASIC programming language

Each BL600 profile demonstration provides step-by-step visuals and instructions to quickly enable your BLE application.  The simple smartBASIC application encapsulates the complete end-to-end process of reading, writing, and processing of sensor data and then using BLE to transfer it to any Bluetooth v4.0 device. smartBASIC accelerates initial development, creation of prototypes, and mass production by providing you with your own BLE expert within the module.