The Connected Hospital Benefits Both Patients and Staff [Infographic]

Published on September 2, 2014

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The Connected Hospital Benefits Both Patients and Staff [Infographic]

What is the Connected Hospital and what does it mean for both patients and staff?

The Connected Hospital is a vision of the future that will take place within the next 20 years, and stems from an increasing number of wireless medical devices in a hospital. Fully integrated hospitals enable caregivers to focus on providing the best quality of care to their patients while providing an efficient workplace for doctors, nurses, and everyone involved in the healthcare process, all fueled by wireless technology.

Benefits of the Connected Hospital include:

  • Integration with EHRs
  • Helps with increased need for workflow automation
  • Prevents hospital readmissions
  • Increased accuracy of drug administration
  • Decreases hospital wide mortality rates

The infographicMaking the Connected Hospital a Reality, outlines the necessity for patients to always be connected whether at home, in the ambulance, or at the hospital. Patients receive the best care with 24/7 patient monitoring and real-time notifications sent wirelessly that alert nurses and doctors of any changes in the patient's condition. The use of wireless technology such as Wi-Fi enabled patient monitors and hospital beds embedded with Bluetooth Low Energy that communicate with the electronic health records, allow nurses' to spend more time caring for patients and less time manually entering in patient information. This helps minimize errors and improves patient outcomes.

To view the full Connected Hospital infographic, click on the image below.

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