Download the Latest BL600 Engineering Firmware Release

Published on March 4, 2014

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Download the Latest BL600 Engineering Firmware Release

By: Jordan Manser, Marketing Intern

Laird BL600 Bluetooth Low Energy Module

The latest version of Laird's BL600 engineering firmware release is now available from Laird's new Support Portal. The new release implements many headline enhancements, including:

  • File I/O Capability
  • AES Cryptographic functions
  • Added tokeniser functions to aid UART protocol development
  • Added functions for easier access to AD elements in advert reports
  • GPIO output can be configured for high drive as well as standard drive
  • Flash Cloning

Click here to view the Release Notes for version of the BL600 firmware.

Laird provides access to the software download center to qualified OEMs at no charge. Simply visit the new Support Portal for login credentials. Complete product information, video demonstrations, and links to all detailed technical documentation on the BL600 BLE radio module can be accessed at the same site.