Easily Integrate Bluetooth / BLE with BlueZ Related, smartZ

Published on December 10, 2014

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Easily Integrate Bluetooth / BLE with BlueZ Related, smartZ

The BT900, which launched in November, provides OEMs with a fully configurable balance of RF performance, BT/BLE functionality, and power consumption to rapidly and easily leverage wireless capabilities to their embedded device. To make development even easier, Laird offers smartZ. The Laird smartZ application provides commands that are similar to the BlueZ commands used on Linux which makes it easy for BlueZ users to interact with the BT900 module. Loaded onto the BT900 using UWTerminal, smartZ is intended as a tool to allow BT900 development kit purchasers to get up and running quickly after opening the box. The simplicity of the commands and similarity to BlueZ make using the smartZ application relatively easy for all users. Its source code can be used for reference during development but it is not intended as the main interface for a production device. Customers are free to use the smartZ source code as they see fit.

Relevant application areas for the BT900 series include industrial cable replacement, medical devices, ePOS terminals and barcode scanners for portable, power-conscious devices, which include those powered by batteries. smartBASIC, an event-driven programming language that allows hostless operation of the module, considerably reduces the overall BOM cost of the OEM product. The field proven implementation of smartBASIC from the popular BL600 and BL620 single-mode BLE modules into the new BT900 series allows developers to flexibly utilize smartBASIC applications from those specific modules. This creates various interchangeable BLE applications between the BT900, BL600 and BL620.

Check out the BT900 with smartZ Sample Application app note and the following video demonstrations:

BT900: Loading smartZ

BT900: General Commands and Using smartZ to Show SPP Connections

Using smartZ to Demonstrate BLE Central Role/GATT Client Functionality with the BT900