How to Set Up a BLE Distance and Object Detector

Published on November 22, 2016

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Today’s fast-paced, wireless ecosystem is sparking demand for more Bluetooth enabled devices, each more innovative than the last. One of the biggest benefits of developing with Bluetooth is that it’s a near-universal and versatile technology with an endless array of possible applications. At Laird we always try to think of new ways to use our Bluetooth modules. In a recent experiment, one of our engineers decided to use our BL652 Bluetooth v4.2 module to interface a smartphone to a commercially-available parking sensor.

A common safety feature in vehicles, parking sensors will signal a vehicle’s proximity to obstacles by issuing frequent series of beeps when the vehicle approaches a stationary object. Our new application note, “Simple BLE Distance and Object Presence Detector” details how you can connect this beeper circuitry to the BL652 development board and use the signal to determine the proximity to obstacles.

Some potential applications for this type of configuration could include:

  • A sensor on the back wall of a garage to prevent family members from colliding with it
  • Simple, affordable retrofit to commercial parking sensors
  • Burglar alarm – If the object is removed, the smartphone alarm goes off
  • General ‘presence of object’ detection

Download the application note for more information.

Click here for more about developing with the BL652.