LoRa+BLE Removes Geographic Limitations for the Internet of Things

Published on May 10, 2017

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LoRa+BLE Removes Geographic Limitations for the Internet of Things

An article written by Laird's Jonathan Kaye was recently featured on Electronic Products and Technology. Titled, "Going the distance: LoRa+BLE makes it possible for IoT to go nearly anywhere geographically", the article discusses how combining Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with LoRa technology can bring Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to even the most remote locations.

"BLE connects small wireless devices in any physical location they are needed, creating an integrated, short-range network that can operate for a very long time without battery changes and be controlled from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet. BLE also can enable a wireless interface to the sensor using the phone/tablet screen in place of buttons and switches, reducing the overall cost / size of the sensors. LoRa allows those BLE-powered networks of devices to go anywhere geographically by providing an ultra-low power means of communicating to those IoT networks over a longer distance." Together, these two technologies can enable smart connections virtually anywhere, removing geographic limitations for many IoT deployments.

The full article can be found on Electronic Products and Technology's website, here.

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