New BL600 Android Toolkit App

Published on February 17, 2014

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New BL600 Android Toolkit App

This week, Laird released the BL600 Toolkit App, the first of several Android applications in development. The app includes a heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, temperature sensor, and proximity sensor. The BL600 provides for a wide array of potential applications well beyond these four applications and is fully compatible with other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices which utilize these profiles.

Laird now offers Android and iOS applications with source code for our developers to help speed their time to market, reduce development risk, and simplify integration. Source code is also available to purchasers of the DVK-BL600-Sx. For more information, visit the BL600 product page for application notes, links to the iBeacon smartBASIC application, demonstrations, and links to all detailed technical documentation on the BL600 series.

Check out the new BL600 Android Toolkit app, available for download from the Google Play Store.