New BLE Proximity Demo with Laird's Whisper Mode

Published on January 13, 2016

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New BLE Proximity Demo with Laird's Whisper Mode

A new demo featuring Whisper Mode with Laird’s Bx600 Series is now available. The simple demo features a Laird specific implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) called Whisper Mode which can be leveraged with any of Laird’s BL600 based solutions. The demo utilizes the BC600, which is a flexible low cost prototyping option ideal for location and proximity applications such as iBeacons, Eddystone, or general beacon solutions. The demo focuses on the beacon or proximity capabilities of the module utilizing Whisper Mode.

Whisper Mode is a Laird BL600 Series specific proximity mode, similar to NFC. In this mode you can be granular in terms of BLE connections, taking man in the middle attacks out of the equation. This demo showcases smaller connectivity cells or bubbles however, the modules can be configured to use a connectivity bubble ranging from a couple of inches to a full Bluetooth range as large as 300 feet in an ideal environment. Watch the video below to see how specific, simple, and easy to use the BL600 can be with proximity.

To learn more about creating beacons with Laird BL6xx modules, check out the Beacons for smartBASIC Walkthrough. The document covers:

  • Fundamental BLE principles that must be understood prior to working with smartBASIC
  • How to use the smartBASIC programming language to create a BLE application for Laird's interactive programmable modules
  • A walkthrough on creating an Eddystone-URL beacon