Wi-Fi Alliance Features Laird Blog Post on Mobility in Hospitals

Published on September 17, 2014

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Wi-Fi Alliance Features Laird Blog Post on Mobility in Hospitals

A guest blog post written by Chris Downey, Product Manager of the Embedded Wireless Solutions unit of Laird, was recently featured by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Titled, “Mobility Via Wi-Fi: Transforming Healthcare for All”, the blog post discusses the importance of mobility in healthcare facilities and highlights the benefits of implementing wireless networks and mobile medical devices in hospitals.

The article discusses how Wi-Fi has impacted healthcare and has made fully integrated hospitals that enable mobility and improve patient care a possibility. Downey writes, “Wi-Fi has changed how healthcare is conceptualized and delivered…wireless technologies like Wi-Fi will fuel patient safety, data accuracy, and mobility.”

Downey also acknowledges the concerns some healthcare IT personnel may have about wireless networks and mobile medical devices. He writes, “Naturally, security, privacy, and patient safety are paramount considerations, but the risks associated with wireless medical devices can be mitigated when the best solution is chosen and the appropriate steps to implement the technology are taken.”

Access the full blog post, here.

For more information about wireless in hospitals and access to our infographic, video, and other resources, check out Laird’s Connected Hospital webpage.

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