Ezurio Announces the Sona™ MT320: The First Industrial Grade Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth Module Powered by MediaTek Filogic 320 Technology

The First Industrial Grade Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module Based on MediaTek's Filogic 320 (MT7921) Wi-Fi 6 Chipset

Published on April 4, 2024

Ezurio Announces the Sona™ MT320: The First Industrial Grade Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth Module Powered by MediaTek Filogic 320 Technology

Akron, Ohio – 04 April 2024 – Ezurio, a global leader in connectivity, today announces the upcoming Sona™ MT320, the latest addition to their growing Wi-Fi 6 module portfolio. The Sona MT320 is the first industrial grade Wi-Fi + Bluetooth module based on the segment leading MediaTek Filogic 320 (MT7921) Wi-Fi 6 chipset. This embedded module series has been designed to work seamlessly with the MediaTek Genio processor family targeted at the industrial IoT sector. 

The Sona MT320 provides a rugged, compact, and globally certified solution that ensures reliable connectivity and easy integration. Purpose-built for rugged IoT connectivity, the MT320 offers the latest generation Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, supports an SDIO host interface, and boasts an industrial operating temperature range, combined with both pluggable M.2 2230 card and SMT M.2 form factors. 

“Bringing the Sona MT320 to the market is a testament to Ezurio's commitment to excellence in connectivity. We are not just creating another Wi-Fi / Bluetooth module; we are setting a new standard for reliability, efficiency, and ease of integration in the industrial IoT space," said Andy Ross, senior product manager, Ezurio. “Through this extension of our partnership with MediaTek, the Sona MT320 further highlights our commitment to a premium wireless technology experience for our customers and their developers and embodies our mission to empower businesses to meet the challenges of tomorrow." 

The Sona MT320 delivers reliability with high quality multi OS software drivers, including the latest WPA3 security standards and extended product life support. Ezurio’s integration with the MediaTek's Linux and Android Genio SDK makes development with the Sona MT320 seamless, especially in combination with MediaTek’s Genio 700 and 510 families of advanced processor as used on the Ezurio Tungsten 700 and Tungsten 510 SMARC product families. 

The Sona MT320 is available in SMT M.2 form factor and pluggable M.2 2230 card, supporting either an RF trace connection or MHF4 connectors for external antennas. Ezurio offers a variety of pre-certified Wi-Fi 6 antennas in the FlexMIMO, FlexPIFA, and Mini Nanoblade ranges. Target applications include rugged handheld devices, industrial IoT sensors and gateways, and medical devices such as infusion pumps, HD imaging, beds, and blood analyzers. 

The Sona MT320 is globally certified to reduce customers’ costs and speed time to market; certifications include FCC, ISED, UKCA and CE as well as Bluetooth SIG certification. Mass production quantities of this product series will start shipping from May 2024. For more information about the Sona MT320, visit: www.ezurio.com/sona-mt320-series

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