Laird Connectivity Announces New Bluetooth 5 Long Range Sensor Platform

Published on October 8, 2019

Laird Connectivity Announces New Bluetooth 5 Long Range Sensor Platform

Akron, Ohio – October 8, 2019 – Laird Connectivity, a global leader in wireless technology, has announced the new Sentrius™ BT510 Bluetooth v5 Long Range sensor, which delivers robust, reliable sensor data in the harshest environments. This new solution provides Bluetooth v5 connectivity in a small, low cost footprint making it an ideal solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The Sentrius™ BT510 is the next-generation of packaged sensor products developed by Laird Connectivity. This rugged, coin cell-powered sensor platform delivers multi-function sensing, including environmental temperature, open/close (contact), motion/impact detection, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beaconing capabilities. Powered with a CR2477 battery, the sensor can last for years in the field and the IP67-certified twist off casing simplifies maintenance. It is also supported with mobile applications from Android and iOS to easily configure all settings of the platform.

Building on the success of Laird Connectivity’s wireless modules, the BT510 is powered by Laird Connectivity’s BL654 BLE module that integrates Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 silicon. This provides excellent processing capability for feature rich application development in the Cortex M4F with 1MB Flash, enabling sensor data logging and storage.

“The BT510 is an expansion of our core competence in embedded wireless connectivity into a packaged product. We wanted a robust, reliable enclosure with a global wireless standard that could do long range,” said Jonathan Kaye, Product Director of Laird Connectivity. “The new Bluetooth 5 coded PHY gives extended range over traditional Bluetooth and it enables customers to cover many different sensing applications, delivering the range and flexibility that they need,” Kaye adds.

The BT510 is the latest addition to Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius™ Series of IoT platform solutions, which includes the IG60 wireless IoT gateway. The BT510 is also designed to seamlessly operate with the upcoming Pinnacle™ 100 Cellular Modem Series. Customers will soon be able to create a full ecosystem of sensors all communicating over long-range BLE to the IG60 gateway or Pinnacle 100 Modem, which can then securely deliver the data to the cloud.

“The BT510 is the first in a suite of products we are developing that leverage the industry-leading Laird Connectivity modules,” says Kaye. “These packaged products, combined with our suite of engineering services and on-site EMC certifications, enable us to quickly deliver customized OEM solutions for customer specific branding, application firmware/mobile apps, and enclosures.”

The BT510 is ideal for a number of applications including cold chain monitoring, environmental monitoring, industrial sensing/heating, and use cases that require monitoring of ambient temperature or the movement of any device such as asset tracking.

Engineering product samples for the BT510 are available now for qualified customers.

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