Laird Delivers Security and Cloud Connectivity to Kapsul for First Intelligent Smartphone-Controlled Air Conditioner

Published on July 26, 2018

Laird Delivers Security and Cloud Connectivity to Kapsul  for First Intelligent Smartphone-Controlled Air Conditioner

Laird Leverages Amazon Web Services IoT Analytics to Help Kapsul Launch
First-of-its-Kind Smart Appliance

July 26, 2018 – Global technology leader Laird (LRD: London) is making the world a cooler place by helping Kapsul launch their first app-driven, smartphone-controlled air conditioner. Laird has helped Kapsul bring the product to market quickly with groundbreaking security, connectivity and features that have never been seen in home comfort products. 

The Kapsul W5 connected window air conditioner has all the cooling power of a traditional 5,000 BTU window air conditioner, but packs it into a beautiful, compact design that is only 7 inches tall, twice as quiet as the competition, and the easiest unit to install. Beyond its elegant design and powerful cooling capabilities, the Kapsul W5 has wirelessly-enabled features that make it a landmark in the appliance industry – features that were made possible by Kapsul’s collaboration with Laird. 

Laird utilized its industry-leading expertise in the design of smart products to make the Kapsul W5 highly secure – a feature that is proving to be a key selling point with consumers as the number of cybersecurity attacks on IoT devices continue to grow. 

“When we designed Kapsul, we wanted it to not only be beautiful, easy-to-use and smart, we also wanted it to build in security features from the start in a way that sets a new standard for this type of product,” said Don Pancoe, Co-founder and CTO of Kapsul. “With so many IoT-related cybersecurity attacks in the news, this is an issue that is top of mind for consumers, and Laird helps us provide peace of mind to our customers with security that is built into the fundamental design of the product.

“No one has the experience, resources and track record that Laird has in helping companies make their wirelessly-enabled products secure, cloud-connected and successful with customers,” said Dan Plach, Vice President of Engineering Services for Laird’s Connectivity Solutions Business. “This collaboration with Kapsul and the integration with the AWS IoT Analytics platform is a case study in how companies can utilize IoT features to differentiate their products with capabilities that resonate with customers.” 

Laird also helped Kapsul develop an intuitive app-based smartphone interface for the air conditioner that makes this a landmark home comfort appliance. This interface connects consumers with their Kapsul unit via AWS IoT.

AWS IoT is a fully-managed service that makes it easy to run IoT without having to worry about all the cost and complexity typically required to build your own IoT platform. Laird utilized AWS to provide Kapsul with a cloud-enabled solution for its consumer product that supports the smartphone capabilities that consumers expect.

About Laird
Laird is focused on providing systems, components and solutions that protect electronics from electromagnetic interference and heat, and that enable mission critical connectivity through wireless applications and advanced antenna systems. Laird’s products are critical to all sectors of the electronics industry, including transportation, industrial, medical, telecommunications, computing, and the mobile device sectors. Laird employs more than 9,700 employees at 49 locations in 19 countries worldwide.

About Kapsul
Kapsul’s mission is to reinvent the home climate market worldwide with beautifully designed products that users love while delivering better performance to both individual users and the grid. Kapsul will manufacture a range of premium products across cooling, heating, and air treatment. Soon to market are the W5, 5,000 BTU window air conditioner, a larger 8,000 BTU version and 50 and 70-pint dehumidifier / humidifiers. On the development roadmap are portable and split air conditioners and room heaters. All Kapsul products are connected to web services and compatible with popular smart home platforms like Works with Nest, Alexa and Google Now. All carry onboard heat, humidity, energy usage, and ambient light sensors. Kapsul is the brand name of Premium Home Comfort Inc. Learn more at

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