Recap of LSR's Webinar: Guide to Antenna Selection and Implementation

Published on September 2, 2016

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On August 30th LSR, a Laird Business, hosted their latest installment in the Designing for Success webinar series titled, "The Engineer's Approach to Antenna Selection and Implementation". Design experts Jay Gillette, Senior RF and Antenna Engineer and Carl Turner, RF Engineer walked through a number of practical tips and best practices to keep in mind when selecting and implementing an antenna solution into a design.

With thousands of antennas to choose from, how do you ensure you pick the right solution for your product? The webinar was broken up into 3 main sections which was followed by a Q&A session:

1. Defining Your Antenna Requirements - What real-world performance should you expect to get from your antenna? Engineers that have years of experience working with antennas give some insight to basic requirements and the approach they take when starting a project.

2. Deciphering Antenna Datasheets - Antenna manufacturers use a variety of tactics to present their products in the best light. Getting through all the data in a datasheet can also be challenging as some can be anywhere from 10-20 pages long. How do you decide what information is useful and what is not important for your design?

3. A Typical Antenna Design and Evaluation Process - Why is it essential to simulate, prototype, and test your antenna? How are the steps of this process performed? This is an extremely important step, which is not always done in every project.

For anyone that missed the webinar, the full recording and power point presentation are available, here.

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