How Can I Change the BL65x Tx Power Setting

The BL65x is delivered with the smartBASIC runtime FW loaded and no smartBASIC application. The BL65x will boot up in interactive mode and can be configured via AT Commands. In this mode the TX Power for both advertisements and connections is controlled via Config Register 109. This register is read from or written to via the AT+CFG AT command as is described in the BL654 smartBASIC Extensions Users Guide. However, Config register 109 is valid for Tx Power adjustment when Virtual Serial Port services is enabled.

If Virtual Serial Port Services is not enabled TX Power is configured via the BleTxPowerSet() function within a users smartBASIC application code. In this mode the current setting of Tx Power can be obtained from ATI register 2008 as described in the BL654 smartBASIC Extensions Users Guide