How can the smartBASIC License key be restored if I get "192A - NVO_NVWORM_EXISTS: The WORM segment already exists and cannot be re-created" error when applying the license using AT+LIC command?

The "192A - NVO_NVWORM_EXISTS: The WORM segment already exists and cannot be re-created" error message indicates that a license key has already been written to the module at some point after the firmware was flashed, likely an incorrect license key. You can verify this by sending the command ATI 49406 which calls the license key programmed to the module, followed by the ATI 4 to see if "C0FFEE" appears as the last three bytes of the response returned. 

Because this setting is one time writable in the firmware, if an incorrect license key has been written, it will be necessary to first erase the flash completely on the module. This can be done using Nordic's nRF Connect for Desktop Programmer application:

1)    Obtain the correct License Key hash from our Support Team by connecting the DVK to your PC via the UART interface (USB 1 of the DVK) and getting the full MAC Address of the module by calling ATI 14.  Provide the response to the support team member so the correct key can be generated.

2)    Connect the DVK to your PC via the SWD (JTAG) interface (USB2 of the DVK).

3)    Open the Programmer Application in nRF Connect for Desktop.

4)    Select the Device in the Programmer application.

5)    Select "Erase all".

6)    Reflash the smartBASIC firmware file via the SWD (JTAG) Interface.

7)    Call ATI 49406 to confirm the license key has been erased (should return 00).

8)    Send the AT+LIC "[License Key generated by FAE]" command to apply the correct smartBASIC license key.

9)    Call ATI 4 - confirm C0FFEE does not appear in the MAC Address of the module.