How to trigger and perform a factory reset on the RG1xx gateway?

A factory reset on the RG1xx gateway can be used to reset all settings to their default values − at any time. This process restores the original "factory" condition of your RG1xx gateway. It is recommended for troubleshooting purposes or for users who no longer have access to the web UI. Please note that a factory reset is irreversible, therefore there is no way to recover your previous configuration. It is also required to reconfigure your RG1xx gateway once the factory reset has been completed. If possible, we advise developers and system integrators to back up their existing settings before continuing.

Please follow the instructions in our latest Sentrius RG1xx / RG191+LTE User Guide under section 9.8 (Factory Reset). If this approach does not work for you, try the following:

First remove the power supply from your RG1xx gateway completely for at least 10 seconds. Press and hold down the User Button. Do not release the User Button. Now restore the power supply while the User Button is still pressed. Wait until all LEDs start flashing. Release the User Button and observe the LEDs while the RG1xx gateway is performing the factory reset in the background. This usually does not take longer than 3 minutes and your RG1xx gateway might restart automatically afterwards. Do not remove the power supply while the LEDs are flashing. This means that the factory reset is still in progress.