What causes the 'Invalid shared RAM address 0x00000000' error to occur when the IF573 driver is loaded during boot?

This may be caused by a non-standard pin-out on your SOM platform M.2 connector. Most likely it is the SUSCLK pin not being tied to a 32kHz clock source.

  • 1) The host platform MUST provide a 32KHz clock to the SUSCLK pin on the M.2 interface on pin 50 of the M.2 connector.


  • 2) The host platform MUST provide control for the W_DISABLE2# pin on the M.2 interface if Bluetooth is to be supported. This signal is connected to BT_REG_ON and is a hardware reset/power enable for the Bluetooth core. This signal is pulled down internally, holding the BT core in reset by default.

  • 3) The host platform SHOULD provide control for the W_DISABLE# on the M.2 interface for optimal power control. There is a pull-up on this signal on the M.2 card that allows the Wi-Fi core to power up automatically if control is not provided.

  • 4) The host platform MUST implement RTS/CTS hardware flow control if Bluetooth is to be supported. These signals must be controlled in conjunction with W_DISABLE2#/BT_REG_ON to put the radio into firmware download mode.