Introducing the 50 Series: Next-Gen Wi-Fi for Harsh RF Environments

Published on April 7, 2016

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Introducing the 50 Series: Next-Gen Wi-Fi for Harsh RF Environments

Today Laird launches the new 50 Series of Enterprise Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth®  modules. This latest solution provides unmatched reliable connectivity and performance in challenging wireless settings like medical and industrial facilities.

With industry-leading software, extensive OS support, and a wide range of form factors, Laird’s 50 Series of modules is a flexible option that provides you with the best possible connectivity in any RF environment. For example, hospitals are known to be especially challenging for reliable wireless connectivity. Large metal objects such as patient beds and equipment in addition to building environments like thick walls, lead shielding, and elevators can all degrade wireless performance. Further complicating this is the necessity for many wireless medical devices to be mobile in order to stay with patients as they are taken throughout the hospital, so ability of the radio to quickly and dynamically change between dozens of network access points is a must. Normal wireless modules are simply insufficient for harsh RF environments as they may lose network connectivity, risking the loss of a critical alert or patient data.

To address the challenges in harsh RF environments, Laird engineers developed the 50 Series Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth® modules. These solutions are equipped with unmatched hardware, best-in-class software capabilities, and comprehensive support from design through implementation. The 50 Series also features dual-band Wi-Fi® with 2x2 MIMO capabilities and both Classic Bluetooth® and Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) capabilities, all together creating a robust, secure, and reliable wireless solution for even the most demanding customer applications.

Features at a Glance


 Bring Wi-Fi + Bluetooth to Even More Devices

50 Series modules are supported on Linux® , Android™, and Windows® CE/Mobile.

Always Connected, Even in the Harshest Conditions

802.11r + CCKM support for rapid roaming and true TX/RX Diversity with 2x2 MIMO.


Multiple Form Factors to Suit Diverse Needs

Available as a SiP, 60-pin SDIO, M.2 (USB or SDIO), and full wireless bridge system.

 Robust Security for Enterprise Demands

Full list of security standards and EAP types, plus WB's added security via Level 2 bridging.

Broad Certification and International Approvals

Certifications and approvals for FCC (USA), IC (Canada), ETSI (Europe), KC (Korea), Giteki (Japan), and RCM (AS/NZ).


Personal Support from Design to Manufacture

Laird's industry-recognized integration and support organization is dedicated to reducing your time to market.

Product samples and development kits are now available. Additional information and full documentation of the 50 Series is available, here.