Can I XCompile a smartBASIC script without a module attached to UWTerminalX?

There exist three solutions:

Using the offline XCompiler

  • Copy the relvant version of XCompiler (found in the firmware zip file for your relevant firmware version) to the folder that contains your smartBASIC application.
  • Say, your XCompiler is called xcomp_bl652_1234_5678.exe and your smartBASIC app is called Then open a command prompt window in that folder and issue the command xcomp_bl652_1234_5678.exe and if there are no errors you will see a file called jenniferRocks.uwc being created which is what gets downloaded to the module by UwTerminal.
  • In the file name xcomp_bl652_1234_5678.exe The ?bl652? comes from the AT I 0 response and the ?1234_5678? comes from the AT I 13 response

Using the online XCompiler

  • Lairds online XCompiler is available at
  • You can upload a SmartBASIC source code file and when successfully compiled, the browser will automatically download the compiled .uwc file.
  • Note that compiling with the online XCompiler is limted to a single source code file (#include statements are not supported)

Using the Online XCompiler Tool

  • The Online XCompiler Tool is a frontend for our online XCompiler and supports multiple source code files through #include statements. You can select a source code file and the tool automatically compiles it and stores the .uwc locally.