How to avoid/disable module reset on UART break with SmartBASIC?

The default behaviour of the SmartBASIC driven BLE modules is entering deep sleep mode when a UART break condition is being detected and wake up through reset when released. While this is a convenient way to reset a module without having access to the reset line e.g., during development when connected with UwTerminalX, it might be unintended in the final application environment.

For the more recent SmartBASIC BLE modules like BL652, BL653, BL654, BL654PA the behaviour when detecting a UART break is configurable when opening the UART with UartOpen(). Character 9 in the stOptions string specifies the behaviour and it's possible to chose from entering deep sleep / reset, ignore the break or send an event EVUARTBREAK to the SmartBASIC application. See below table:

UartOpen() stOptions string



The default behaviour is entering deep sleep, hence you would have to close the uart and re-open it at the beginning of your application to apply changes to the behaviour.

See the SmartBASIC Extensions User Guides for each module for more details.

The BT900 dual-mode BT/BLE module does not offer configurability of the UART break behaviour and will always go to deep sleep and wake up through a reset.