How can I update and send Extended or Normal Advertisement data using AT Interface application?

In AT Interface there are just a few commands for modifying and sending Extended or Normal Advertisement data. Extended Advertisement Data is provided from the Server to the Scanner via Scan Request and Response PDU’s. An AD Element needs to be created to add the AD report that is returned after a scan request is received. To add AD Elements to the Advert Report use AT Command:

AT+AARA tag,”payload”

Tag refers to the Data Type Value specified in the Bluetooth SIG Generic Access Profile document. Using a tag of Data Type Value of 0xFF <Manufacturing Specific Data> the command will look like:

AT+AARA 0xFF “payload”


AT+AARA 255 “payload”

Once the AD Report is updated it must be committed using:


To begin Extended Advertisements use AT Command:

AT+EADV <advProp>,<advIntvlMs>,<maxCount>,<priSecPhy>,<peerAddr>, <chanMask>

Refer to AT Interface Guide for more details of parameters.

For now the key parameter is <advProp>. <advProp> is a bitmask where bit 0 is set for connectable adverts, bit 1 is set for scannable adverts, bit 2 for directed adverts and in that case ‘peerAddr’ must be a valid 14 hex digit string and bit 3 is set for extended adverts. For this example AT Command:


This command will begin sending non-connectable Extended Advertisements using default values for remaining fields which are taken from their corresponding S Registers.

To clear AD Elements when new advertisement data needs to be sent use AT Commands:


followed by


This will clear existing AD Elements. If the need to maintain current AD Elements for the Advert report but additional AD Elements need to be added to the Advert Report then simply continue adding AD Elements using