How do I flash a Vela IF820 module independent of a DVK using if820_flasher_cli?

Vela IF820 firmware programming is done via the HCI UART.

There are two tools to flash a vela IF820 module detailed in the following link

if820_flasher_gui is a graphical user interface for flashing Vela IF820 DVKs and dongles, it will auto detect any Vela IF820 DVKs and dongles currently connected to your PC. It cannot be used for flashing a loose module.

if820_flasher_cli is a command line tool for flashing Vela IF820 DVK, dongle and loose modules. Like the GUI it will auto detect a DVK or dongle but you can also specify a com port for a loose module. When specifying a com port the Flasher CLI bypasses the DVK probe auto detect.

When flashing a loose module via a particular com port the following should be noted

  • The following pins are used for flashing firmware BT_UART_TXD, BT_UART_RXD, BT_UART_CTS, BT_UART_RTS
  • Flow control is mandatory 
  • Reset line is also required to be able to enter programming mode
  • UART  settings are 1152008N1
  • CTS needs to be low during a reset to enter programming mode.  On a DVK this is don't via the module recover button but on a loose module the CTS will need to be held low another way.
  • The GUI can only be used to flash DVKs and dongles. You must use the CLI for loose modules. 

You can use the -c option in the IF820 Flasher GUI to specify a com port.

use  the command 

if820_flasher_cli.exe -h

to access the help screen for more details