How do I swap boot partition in WB45NBT?

There are two partitions in the WB45NBT, partition A and B. In partition A, the ubi.mtd is 6 and the kernel boot address is 0x000e0000. In partition B, the ubi.mtd is 7 and kernel boot address is 0x00360000. Here is an example of how to swap from partition B to A: setenv bootargs ?console=ttys0,115200 loglevel=4 rw noinitrd mem=64M rootfstype=ubifs root=ubi0:rootfs ubi.mtd=6? setenv bootcmd ?nand read 0x22000000 0x000e0000 0x00280000; run _mtd; bootm? saveenv reset When you load another partition, it may be loading an older version of the WB software.