The BlueZ BLE Stack now offers LE Audio Support. Can the BT850 or BT860 Support LE Audio with BlueZ?

LE Audio introduces the concept of Isochronous channels. The higher layers of the protocol are responsible for controlling the timing of the isochronous channels. For example, if using a pair of earbuds there would be two isochronous channels (Isochronous Group) used to transport left and right audio. These two channels must have a tight timing between them to minimize delay of audio heard between the left and right earbud.

Isochronous channels are part of the Bluetooth controller and are used for the transport of audio data. The BT850 and BT860 Bluetooth controllers do not provide isochronous channels support. Therefore, even though the BlueZ host stack now adds LE Audio support it cannot be used with the BT850 or BT860 Bluetooth controllers.