What are the difference between AWM-lite and AWM (Adaptive World Mode) ?

AWM, if active, sets the regulatory domain and country of the 60 radio to the current location with the help of beacons it recieves from surrounding access points.

While it is mandatory to be FCC compliant, the routine to determine the location must run every 30min. This is a draw-back for softAPs created on the 60-radio as connections will be interupted every 30min. Some clients may take this less grazefully than others.

Running the AWM routine regularily is not mandatory for the other regulatory domains the 60-series is certified for, though. For those it is enough that the loaction is determined upon the first run of the routine and it as not to be repeated after that. That is what AWM-lite does.

So, for radios only deployed in regulatory domains ISED, ETSI, MIC, KC AWM-lite can be used, which also enables the seamless use of the 60-radio as softAP in conjunction with AWM(-lite).

It is also good practice to consult "app_note_60_summit_awm" which is located in the documents archive of a 60-radio software release.