What is the minimum / maximal supported baud rate value when using the Lyra AT Command Set Interface firmware and how can I modify it?

The ATS 302=? command can be used to query both minimum and maximum baud rate values supported by the Lyra AT Command Set Interface firmware. In our example ATS 302=? returns with 9600..1000000. ATS 302? in this case will return with the current defined baud rate value which by default is set to 115200 baud.

You can change the baud rate value individually with the ATS 302=<baud> command. Please make sure to save your new configuration with the AT&W command afterwards. Changes will take effect after a power cycle or a warm reset which can be triggered manually using the ATZ command.

Please note that baud rate values above 1000000 (e.g. 2000000) are not supported currently. Additional information about all AT commands, events, return values and error codes can be found in our latest Lyra Series − AT Interface Application User Guide.