What options are available as of 1st July 2024 to register a project (PRD) in the new Bluetooth Qualification process?

AS of the first of July 2024, the BT SIG has introduced a new qualification process. When registering a new project you have the following options.

Option 1 - Use a single Existing Design - no modifications allowed, simplified route i.e no evidence or test declaration

Option 2 - Create a New Design (will not reference existing QDID) - this would be like a new BlueZ listing.  With this option you can specify if other members can use it!

Option 2a - Create a New Design that combines multiple existing Designs - no modifications allowed, uses more than one existing Design i.e Core Controller and Core Host Designs

Option 2b - Create any other new Design - may combine in existing Designs, but modifications can be made i.e update ICS, remove layers not used.  This triggers consistency check, unmodified layers can use their TCRL version, modified layers forced to use latest TCRL.  Consistency check required, inconsistencies MUST be fixed, and new test evidence provided.

If you require further guidance on the BT SIG qualification process please contact support@ezurio.com