QT + Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity)

QT and Ezurio have partnered together to advance embedded IoT and digital experiences.


A Seamless Partnership

Ezurio and Qt Group have a longstanding partnership to transform embedded solutions. Signifying a commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative software development lifecycle solutions for embedded systems. This collaboration aims to combine Ezurio's embedded solutions with Qt Group's cross-platform solutions, particularly focusing on SBC’s, SOM’s and the SMARC (Smart Mobility Architecture) standard. By leveraging Qt Group's expertise in deploying user interfaces and applications, while Ezurio aims to enhance the efficiency and scalability of their embedded solutions, ushering in a new era of connectivity and user experience in the rapidly evolving world of technology. 


Supported Hardware

By integrating Ezurio's robust system-on-modules (SOMs) and Qt's versatile product development, we offer an unparalleled platform for seamless embedded device communication and user interfaces. This synergy not only accelerates time-to-market but also ensures our solutions meet the highest standards of reliability, performance, and user experience. 

Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC

Powered by NXP i.MX8M Plus Processor

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Nitrogen8M Mini SMARC

Powered by NXP i.MX8M Mini Processor 

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Nitrogen 8M Mini SMARC1.266-labeled.png

Tungsten700 SMARC

Powered by MediaTek's Genio 700 Family Processor

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Tungsten 700 - MT320 M.2-1420 - Front.png

Nitrogen93 SMARC

Powered by NXP i.MX9 Processor

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Nitrogen 93 front3.png

Qt using Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC

Qt Care Patient Monitoring

Qt Care is a stylized 1920x1080 medical UI, replicating a patient monitoring screen often seen in hospitals or surgical offices. The UI consists of 2D assets (bridged from Figma), a 3D FBX model (exported from Maya), animations, interactive buttons, and transitions. The goal of this demo is to show the simplicity of bridging/importing assets to Qt Design Studio, adding interactivity, animations, and running on an embedded device built on a Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC.


Smart Warehouse HMI

The Qt Smart Warehouse HMI design on Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC is an interactive multi-screen demo showcasing the coordination of intelligent robots on a factory floor. In the event of a predicted failure this demo allows the user to handle individual robot by diagnosing the issue, and send it back for repairs. It automatically deploys a new robot on the floor to complete the task. Built with Qt Design Studio and imported from the Qt Figma bridge, this demo features key Qt Quick and Qt Safe module features.


Smart Oven

The Qt Smart Oven for a Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC, originally created by Futurae, is an oven UI showing Qt scalability across in three processor/display formats and including a companion app. The low-end oven UI is targeted towards Cortex-M4 or M7 MCUs, the mid-range UI is targeting high-end MCUs that support high resolutions such as NXP RT1170, and the high-end UI targets MPUs such as Raspberry Pi 4 or desktop hardware. The companion application can be built for iOS and Android (scalable for multiple screen sizes). The goal of this demo is to show the reuse of assets across multiple projects and platforms as well as the scalability of said assets to different screen sizes.


Smart Refrigerator Demo

Qt Refrigerator for a Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC demonstrates full Qt features for creating an aesthetic, responsive & functional UI for high-end appliances. UI and graphical components optimized for large displays & mobile apps.


What Makes Us Different

Ezurio brings your designs to market on-time and on-budget by bringing every aspect of wireless product design under one roof. We differentiate through the intersection of reliable and robust wireless products, award-winning IoT system design, and complete EMC testing. Leverage: 

  • Nearly four decades of wireless expertise
  • Comprehensive product development and customization services
  • Unmatched customer support via our global Tier II support and FAE teams
  • On-site FCC/ISED/CE/Japan/RCM certifications

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