Speed Up Integration and Development Testing with the BT830

Published on August 7, 2014

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Speed Up Integration and Development Testing with the BT830

Embedded Wireless Solutions of Laird continues to make wireless development even easier with last week’s launch of the BT830  Series. The BT830 Series of UART HCI modules brings support for Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) in a tiny footprint. The BT830 BLE modules provide seamless integration of Bluetooth for enterprise and industrial applications, saving design engineers time while delivering secure and reliable connectivity. Key application areas for the BT830 modules reside predominately in enterprise and industrial markets, specifically AIDC devices, medical devices, ePOS terminals, barcode scanners, industrial cable replacement, automotive diagnostic equipment, and M2M connectivity.

Laird offers a low-cost developers kit for prototyping, debug, and integration testing of the BT830 series modules to further reduce risk and time in development cycles. Laird also provides access to free technical support based in Europe, Asia and United States, as well as a large array of detailed Application Notes covering various topics to speed the OEM in testing and integration.

To further enhance the BT830, Laird has developed a new 'BooTpatch' driver for simple, copy and paste initialization of the BT830 configurations. Designed for Windows CE and Windows Mobile platforms, the BooTpatch Driver provides maximum configuration flexibility with minimum effort. The driver includes .dll, .reg and .psr files for control and configuration of system registry and CSR ps keys and enables user configuration of:

  • COM Port
  • Specific BT Stack
  • BT Transport (H4/BCSP)
  • UART Interface- Buad Rate
  • BT MAC Address
  • PIO Lines Including PCM and Wi-Fi Co-Existence

Ultimately, the BooTpatch Driver helps to speed the time to market, reduces development risk, and assures interoperability for BT830 based devices. Visit the BT830 Series webpage to learn more!

Click here to watch the Using BooTpatch with the BT830 demo.

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