Can I use the LWB5+ module with antenna trace pin with just one antenna/UFL connector?

We advise to use the LWB5+ M.2 card as reference design when using the LWB5+ modulle with antenna trace pin. This uses an antenna switch with two antenna connections (UFL). Deviating from this design might have an impact on the module pre-certification / modular-approval and it might no longer be possible to fully leverage our test reports.

However, if needed it is possible to use just one antenna / UFL connector and it is recommended to use the same antenna matching circuit / components than used on the LWB5+ with integrated UFL connector. See below for schematic and component values.

Component values:

R49=1.0nH (Murata LQP03TN1N0B02)

In case of questions please contact the Laird technical support.