Online Xcompiler is not accessible is there a way to Xcompile a smartBASIC Application locally when using UwTerminalX?

If you are having issues using the Online Xcompilers it could be related to security settings in your system which may be blocking access to the Online Xcompilers. If you are not able to resolve this it is possible to Xcompile locally by following the steps below:

  1. Disable (uncheck) the Online XCompilers on the Config Tab in UwTerminalX as shown below:
  2. Locate the Xcomp_mmmmm_xxxx_xxxx.exe file in the firmware zip folder (downloaded from module's Product Page) for the version of firmware loaded to the module.
    Note: the Xcomp version MUST match the firmware version loaded to the module or the application will not compile.
    mmmmm = module
    xxxx_xxxx =Xcomp version
  3. Copy or Move the Xcomp_mmmmm_xxxx_xxxx.exe to the same folder the smartBASIC application is stored in as shown below:

You should now be able to Xcompile the application using UwTerminalX by right-clicking in the terminal and selecting one of the Xcompile options :

  • Xcompile
  • Xcompile+Load
  • Xcompile+Load+Run

Select the application from the folder where the Xcomp file is located. UwTerminalX will now look for the local Xcompiler in the application folder.