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Our SOMs, SBCs and custom hardware solutions already provide engineers with a pre-designed, pre-certified solution that eliminates a significant amount of design work while also delivering features that would be complex to achieve with in-house engineering resources, including enhanced security, rich multimedia, enhanced connectivity, machine learning and more. The result is often a 9-12 month acceleration of development timelines for IoT projects as well as significant cost savings.

Our approach to reducing your design risk and speeding your time to market is now further accelerated by our Support+ package. Choose your path to success, leveraging a range of solutions and services outlined below.

Assembled In USA
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Category Feature Standard Support Support+
Enhanced Support Assembled in USA Our SOMs are assembled at our state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility in Irvine, California. Our on-site hardware design, manufacturing, and operation teams ensure we have direct control of everything from part procurement to final inspection. x x x
Support Portal Our industry leading support and engineering team is easily available through our support portal. With support and field application engineering team members around the globe, we work to achieve a fast response to all of your technical questions. x x x
Direct Access to live FAE to our account for faster response times Support+ customers can work directly with our global field application engineering team via virtual meetings to resolve their technical issues quickly and easily. If needed, our FAE closest to your office visit your engineering team to ensure your project stays on time or resolve critical in-field issues. x x
Direct Access to Engineering Support+ customers can have direct access to the respective Engineering team members responsible for the design and development of the SOM that is being integrated. This will assist in the most expedited analysis and resolution for any design or integration issues related to our SOMs in your hardware or software development process. x x
Antenna Integration Support Work with our antenna FAE team to ensure your chosen antenna conforms to regulatory requirements and will provide good RF performance. x x
Updated Board Support and Security Patch Updates Our regular every 6 month board support package updates ensures your engineering team has access to the latest Linux kernel, Yocto, Buildroot, Ubuntu, and RTOS releases to ensure your product can stay current with the latest security updates from the open source community. If these twice yearly updates aren’t frequent enough or you desire regular vulnerability monitoring and notifications, you can upgrade to our Summit Suite Software Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation service. x x x
Access to Resources Unlimited Schematic and PCB Layout Reviews Our global FAE and engineering team will review your carrier board schematics and layouts to ensure your hardware design comes up and functions on the first board spin. As your design progresses during your product development cycle, our team will continue to review your schematics and layouts to keep your product development on time. x x x
3D Antenna Patterns Support+ customers have access to our antenna laboratory and RF engineering experts that can do 3D antenna patterns using your product’s prototype designs to ensure optimal RF performance using proper antenna placement. x x
Manufacturing Location On-Site Audit Supported Support+ customers can schedule an on-site quality audit of our Irvine, California manufacturing facility as required. This allows customers in highly regulated industries such as medical and aerospace to have access to full traceability of products including test results and material lot/date codes. x x
Custom Programming We can provide our Support+ customers with an orderable custom SOM part number that is specific to their company and product. This allows us to program that custom part number with whatever software image you specify, eliminating the need to develop costly and laborious process of initial SOM programming at your production facility. This service can be combined with our Summit Suite Chain of Trust secure device provisioning and signing service to add-on management and programming of secure device keys and certificates. x
Testing Services Annual EMC Regulatory Updates & Certifications EMC and RF regulatory bodies continually updates their requirements for products that are shipping into their regulatory jurisdiction. We work directly with our Support+ customers to ensure your RF and EMC regulatory grants and certifications stay up to date. This includes ensuring our SOMs RF certifications and test reports are updated and our regular SOM software updates include RF power tables and channels to support those updated certifications.
(Offer limited to FCC, ISED and ETSI domains)
x x
Free Radio Module Host Integration Testing Even with modular RF certification included with our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled SOMs, final host integration testing is required by the FCC, ETSI, and other regulatory bodies. Support+ customers have access to our EMC and RF certification lab to do a radio integration pre-scan to ensure there will be no radio related issues when you conduct final regulatory EMC and RF certification.
(Offer limited to FCC, ISED and ETSI domains)
x x
Long Product Lifespan Minimum 10 Year Product Lifetime* For 10 years from the launch of our standard SOM products, we guarantee we will supply form factor and electrically compatible versions. This provides the piece of mind that your design can stay in the market without substantial changes for years to come. x x x
Extended Product Warranty, 2 Years Our Support+ customers receive the peace of mind of an extended 2-year warranty. Adding an additional year to our standard 1-year warranty. x
Product Longevity Support+ customers have access to our special last time buy program. This program allows long term industrial and medical customers to ship the exact same SOM hardware design your product requires even when components such as MPUs, DRAM, Flash, PHYs, or eMMC are discontinued. We will work with you to ensure we hold stock of the discontinued component just for you. This program allows customers to buy SOMs using those components for years past a specific SOM components EOL. x x
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Supported Products

Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC

Powered by NXP’s innovative i.MX 8M Plus processor, NXP PMIC PCA9450, and our Sterling LWB5+ Wi-Fi 5 / Bluetooth 5.2 radio based on Infineon’s CYW4373E, high performance LPDDR4 RAM, and eMMC storage.


Nitrogen93 SMARC

Powered by NXP’s next generation i.MX 93 processor, NXP PMIC PCA9451A, and our Sona NX611 Wi-Fi 6 / Bluetooth 5.3 radio based on NXP’s IW611, high performance LPDDR4 RAM, and eMMC storage.

Nitrogen 93 front4.png

Tungsten700 SMARC

Powered by MediaTek’s powerful Genio 700 processor and our Sona™ MT320 Wi-Fi 6 / Bluetooth 5.3 radio based on MediaTek’s Filogic 320 (MT7921), high performance LPDDR4 RAM, and eMMC storage.

Tungsten 700 - MT320 M.2-1420 - Front.png

Nitrogen8M Mini SMARC

Powered by NXP’s class-leading i.MX 8M Mini processor, NXP PMIC PF8121, and our Sona Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth 5.3/5.4 wireless module families based on leading NXP and Infineon solutions, high performance LPDDR4 RAM, and eMMC storage.

Nitrogen 8M Mini SMARC1.266-labeled.png

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