Is an adapter required to connect the ConnexLink units (CL4490-1000-485 | CL4790-1000-485 | CL4490-1000-232 | CL4790-1000-232 | CL4490-1000-PRO) to a PC to enable me to configure them with Laird's configuration software?

Configuring the RS232 and PRO variants of the Laird ConnexLink units (CL4490-1000-232, CL4790-1000-232, or CL4490-1000-PRO) requires connecting to a Windows PC via an RS232 serial port. As most newer computers no longer have an RS232 serial port available, an RS232-to-USB adapter would be required to connect the unit to the PC. Customers have reported success with the following RS232-to-USB adapters:

  • FTDI RS232-to-USB Model: UC232R-10
  • Tripp-Lite Keyspan RS232-to-USB Model: USA-19HS

Configuring the RS485 variants of the ConnexLink Units (CL4490-1000-485 or CL4790-1000-485) requires an RS485 adapter to connect to a Windows PC either via an RS232 serial port, or via USB. Customers have reported success with the following:

  • B&B Electronics RS485-to-RS232 adapter Model: 485SD9TB combined with one of the above mentioned RS232-to-USB adapters
  • ULinx RS485-to-USB adapter Model: 485USBTB-2W

The Laird Configuration & Test Utility Software along with the Laird Configuration and Test Utility Software - RAMP Modules User Guide, is available to download from the CL4490 and CL4790 Product Pages.