Get to Market Even Faster with our BlueZ Stack Bluetooth SIG Listing

Published on September 24, 2019

Get to Market Even Faster with our BlueZ Stack Bluetooth SIG Listing

One of the biggest benefits of working with Ezurio (formerly Laird Connectivity) is speeding your design to market. It’s what we do – we take months or years off your development runway via our regulatory approvals, certifications, support, expertise and more. So we’re excited to announce our Bluetooth SIG listing for our implementation of the open-source BlueZ host stack, for use with our modules. It’s another way to provide a tremendous benefit to our customers. It makes it easier than ever to secure a Bluetooth SIG listing on your Linux end devices.

BlueZ is the chosen Bluetooth software stack on many Linux distributions and is included in official kernel distributions. Initially developed by Qualcomm, these days it’s an open source stack, and supports full Bluetooth functionality for Bluetooth Core Specification 4.2. BlueZ is widely used on Linux, and while some of our Bluetooth modules have an onboard stack (like the BL600 or BL654), our hosted Bluetooth solutions all work with the BlueZ stack in Linux devices.

The problem for customers arrives when it’s time to register a Bluetooth SIG listing for their end device. Securing a Bluetooth SIG Qualified Listing often requires a lot of testing – enough so that it can take an impractically long time . Testing each of the layers of the BlueZ stack on your end device can make it discouraging to seek a SIG listing at all. This is why it’s such a huge benefit to take advantage of our BlueZ listing in your device: Combine our qualified module with our qualified software stack to fast-track your qualification process. 

The Bluetooth SIG specifies that if you are using a portion (including chips, modules, stacks, or designs) that was previously qualified by another company, and it’s being used without changes, your end device is automatically qualified. This is more than a cost savings – it eliminates a number of uncertainties. The qualification process can be lengthy and costly, but also can necessitate fixes or changes in your design. Working with the proven combination of our hardware and our instance of BlueZ, you can completely bypass this part of the design process.

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This is applicable for the following Laird connectivity radios: